Introducing: Y/Project SS19


Fusing the energy of the street with thought-provoking silhouettes, his unique take on interpreting masculinity and femininity blends eccentric references with unisex looks that transcend versatility. This is Linda Farrow’s first season in collaboration with the talented Glenn Martens Creative Director of Y/Project.
Since the appointment of Glenn Martens as Creative Director of Y/PROJECT in 2013, the Paris-based label has combined conceptual and inventive detailing with playful proportions and a witty take on historical references. At the core of Y/PROJECT, Martens has since established an emphasis on individuality and independence. 

In June 2017, Y/PROJECT won the esteemed ANDAM Grand Prize, one of the most respected recognitions in fashion worldwide. And in September 2017, Glenn Martens was selected as one of the Business of Fashion’s 500 people shaping fashion globally today.

Vogue described the runway collection featuring the Linda Farrow collaboration sunglasses as ‘the inevitable knee-jerk reaction to what has become so familiar, so riffed upon, that it could only swing back pendulum-like.’ And ‘a respectful and realistic understanding of how women might want to look right here, right now.’

Marten’s talked backstage about ‘the importance of construction and how it could be used to build a collection that speaks to all sorts of characters. That inclusiveness has long been the basis of what he does at Y/Project.’ (vogue runway)


Insights provided by the talented design team at Linda Farrow

What is it about Y-project that made Linda Farrow choose to collaborate with the brand?
Y/Project is part of the wave of brands spearheading the streetwear revolution with conceptual forward thinking collections. Y/Project has solidified its position within the luxury market, at the core of Y/project is an emphasis on individuality and independence.

What design innovations are featured in the collaboration styles that make them unique?
Fusing the energy of the street with thought provoking silhouettes and statement metal working to add an industrial athletic dimension.

How was the process of designing the collaboration? What was it like working with the team at Y project?
Glenn’s vision was clear, and working closely together with his amazing team we made it technically possible to bring that vision to life.

How do you feel the collaboration frames compliment the Y/project ready-to-wear collection?
The frames have a unique take on interpreting masculinity and femininity, blended with eccentric references for a unisex versatile look.

What does the future hold for the Linda Farrow x Y/Project collaboration?
The collaboration will continue for AW19 with the brand exploring different proportions and materials.


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