Linear: In Conversation with Stefano Martinetto

You trained under Mr Valentino and Mr Giammetti – these are two legendary names in the industry. Can you tell me 2 things you learnt from them?
I was very young, but I very quickly realised how much you can learn by just watching and listening - this was an amazing lesson. Above this, the number one lesson was that no detail is too small – everything matters.

You have been described as a business accelerator and your first IP investment was in A Cold Wall – why that brand?
Fashion to me is about people and ideas. When we met the people behind A Cold Wall, we immediately saw that they have the ideas, and we also quickly saw that we share values that we all intimately align to. It was this, rather than anything more superficial.

You have worked in many areas of the fashion world and with many people – which part of your working life was the most fulfilling and why?
Tomorrow’s mission, and my own, is to champion and foster entrepreneurial creativity. Supporting creative talent to achieve sustainable growth is what fulfils me the most – and I have been fortunate to develop my working life to establish this

Tell me about the time in your life you were happiest (explain the place, your age, the date, and why as much as you can)?
Right now - today. Because I have a wonderful family - I love my wife Elisa, my two daughters, Nina and Nora – and I love what I do and and the community we have built.

What’s the very best thing that has ever happened in your career - and why?
I was only 26 years when Prada bought Helmut Lang and they offered me a very well-paid job in Milan - but…I was an entrepreneur at heart. I decided to pitch Evisu. They did not respond to my calls for weeks, so I was close to accepting Patrizio’s (Bertelli, CEO of Prada) offer. But I decided to give Evisu one last try – and the rest is history. That was a great decision. We signed a European License and my career took off from then. Like any entrepreneurs, we had multiple ups and downs - but looking back now, I am grateful I didn’t accept the job.

What is the one thing you want to do or achieve in the next five years?
My greatest ambition is for Tomorrow to be the ultimate platform for empowering designers and enabling them to realise their full potential, whilst ensuring they retain their identity and creative control.

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